La voie des souffles

La voie des souffles - Louise Viger

This suspended sculptural work installed in a three-level space embodies a concept of sculpture that doesn’t want to impose its mass, but rather draw viewers in. As seen from the stairs, an ensemble of elements of three distinct shapes and significant colours – gold, silver, bronze – repeat themselves. The sixty-five pieces in the work wind through the space.

The perception of the work changes according to the viewer’s position and movement; close by, the eye perceives the textures and the visible overlaps in the transparency of the material more; farther away the eye perceives the work as a whole for a more global perspective.

La voie des souffles is an observation that calls on both the architectural personality of the space and the multifunctional vocation of the building as expressed through the vibrant accumulation of attitudes, performances by athletes and artists in the spotlight as so many infinite fragments of a light show that marks the audience with its imprint.

The work therefore integrates two approaches, two actions: integrating and adding.

Finally, La voie des souffles presents itself as a moving choreography of arrangements and attitudes.

Louise Viger – Sculptor

Since 1980, the works of sculptor Louise Viger have been the subject of many individual exhibits in Quebec – both in galleries and at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec – as well as elsewhere in Canada and abroad.

Her work has also been included in several collective exhibits including Canada Collects: Contemporary Sculptures from the Art Bank, that travelled in the United States; and Seeing in Tongues, Le bout de la langue, in Canada. A monumental installation was presented at the Parc du Mont-Royal, as part of the Artefact 2004, sculptures urbaines event in Montréal.

To date, Louise Viger has participated in some twenty public art competitions as a finalist and has created a dozen public sculptures including Voix sans bruit, 2005, destined for the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec; for the Grande Bibliothèque in Montréal, Des lauriers pour mémoire, 2008, in tribute to Jean Duceppe; as well as Le même, mais différent, a suspended work that was installed in 2014 at the École Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. In 2015, her work entitled Une architecture d’air was mounted in the Place Hector-Prud’homme in the Plaza St-Hubert, while La traversée des lucioles is now part of the collection at the new CHUM.

She advocates that lightness is a positive value in the face of the world’s heaviness and opacity.

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